What Happens After the Hearing?

Once your disability hearing is finished, you can expect to receive the judge’s decision in the mail. When your decision arrives, you should ensure that your Louisiana Social Security disability attorney has also received a copy. The copies of the decision that are sent to both you and your attorney should get to both of you on the same day. Nevertheless, every now and then, due to a hearing office error, your attorney may not be sent a copy of the decision at all.

If this occurs, your attorney will not know what is going on with your case. For example, your Louisiana Social Security disability lawyer will not be made aware of any errors that need to be fixed immediately, especially in the case of a favorable decision. Additionally, your attorney will not be able to monitor and ensure proper payment of any benefits you have been awarded. Also, if your attorney does not receive a copy of the decision, he or she will not know if you need to appeal because you have been denied benefits. So, win or lose, it is important for you to call your attorney’s office when your decision arrives to confirm that he or she has received a copy as well.

Unfortunately, even the most well-prepared and thoroughly-presented cases are lost. However, all is not lost because there is probably a good reason and opportunity for you to appeal. If you lose, you should speak to your lawyer immediately about appealing your case.

Timing is important; thus, it is absolutely critical that you appeal to the Appeals Council within 60 days of the judge’s decision or you will have forfeited your right to appeal.

If you are deemed disabled, payments will generally begin in a timely fashion after the decision has been made. You should note that your attorney will receive his or her payment from your award, based on your fee agreement. The Social Security Administration will send that money directly to your lawyer, so in that regard, you are not involved in the actual payment process. However, you will be responsible for paying any related expenses directly to your lawyer, if your fee agreement calls for that.

If you need a Louisiana Social Security disability lawyer, please call for a free consultation.